July 2011 - HelloWallet

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Is Your Gym Working for You?

According to LiveStrong, 40 million Americans have gym memberships (about one eighth of the U.S. population), but only 20 percent use them every week. If you have a membership and can’t remember the last time you got to the gym, you can probably save money by making a change. Try out new gyms for free….

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Keeping Your Cooling Bills Under Control

Trying to keep cool this summer without breaking the bank? It may be time to replace your home air conditioning unit. Just like cars, newer air conditioners are built to meet greater efficiency standards. As of 2006, the minimum Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) required of a new cooling unit is 13.0, compared to 10.0… Read more

Save Money on the Best Summer Produce by Signing up for a CSA

Labels like “organic,” “local,” “hormone-free” and “grass-fed” on produce often mean something less desirable as well: expensive. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Farms across the US have started to provide Community Supported Agriculture programs (CSAs), which allow local households to purchase a small share of the farm’s seasonal yield for an annual… Read more