Stephen is a behavioral scientist who studies financial behavior and how digital products can help individuals manage their money more effectively. He serves as Head of Behavioral Science at Morningstar (HelloWallet’s parent company), where he leads a team of behavioral scientists and practitioners to conduct original research on saving and investment behavior.

Stephen has authored two books on applied behavioral science, Designing for Behavior Change and Improving Employee Benefits, and founded the non-profit Action Design Network, educating the public on how to apply behavioral research to product development with monthly events in seven cities.

Stephen holds a BA from U.C. Berkeley, a Master’s from Johns Hopkins-SAIS, and a PhD from the University of Maryland, where he analyzed the dynamics of behavioral change over time. He has two wonderful kids, who don’t care about behavioral science at all.

Why did you join HelloWallet?
I was inspired by the vision of democratizing access to financial guidance. 

What part of HelloWallet helps you the most with everyday finances and why?
The HelloWallet wellness score — it gives my family a single, clear summary of how we’re doing, and then directs us to what we need to work on.

3 non-work passions

Playing with the rug-rats, fixing stuff, and biking.

Favorite food you splurge on
Salt and pepper potato chips.