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Stop Thinking About Managing Your Money

The other day, I heard something that got me thinking.  It went something like this:  “We talk about behavior change as a difficult lengthy process that involves goals, work, and rewards.… Well, we change our behavior all the time”. For example:  almost every day, we get up off our butts, walk out the door, and…

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This is Wrong: “Cut Back On Coffee To Save Money”

Yesterday, I was talking with a coworker, Justin, who was musing about how he goes to the corner coffee shop each afternoon to get a fix. And it hit me – I’ve heard “if you just avoid buying coffee each day, you’ll save millions of dollars” countless times.  That’s wrong (and annoying). Beyond being a bit… Read more

Announcing Action Design DC

On Monday, I had the joy of sitting down with an amazing group of entrepreneurs, researchers, product designers and others to launch a new group:  Action Design DC.  Action Design is about applying lessons for behavioral economics and psychology to product development – especially to help people take action on something they’ve wanted to do,… Read more