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Action Design DC grows from 0 to 500 members since December

Hey folks, I’d like to make a quick announcement about the Action Design DC meetup. Since December, Action Design DC has gone from an initial idea to an active, engaged community with over 500 members.  Thank you to everyone who has participated & made this possible! If you’re not already familiar with the group, it’s…

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Stop Thinking About Managing Your Money

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The other day, I heard something that got me thinking.  It went something like this:  “We talk about behavior change as a difficult lengthy process that involves goals, work, and rewards.… Well, we change our behavior all the time”.    For example:  almost every day, we get up off our butts, walk out the door, and… Read more

This is Wrong: “Cut Back On Coffee To Save Money”

Yesterday, I was talking with a coworker, Justin, who was musing about how he goes to the corner coffee shop each afternoon to get a fix. And it hit me – I’ve heard “if you just avoid buying coffee each day, you’ll save millions of dollars” countless times.  That’s wrong (and annoying). Beyond being a bit… Read more

Announcing Action Design DC

On Monday, I had the joy of sitting down with an amazing group of entrepreneurs, researchers, product designers and others to launch a new group:  Action Design DC.  Action Design is about applying lessons for behavioral economics and psychology to product development – especially to help people take action on something they’ve wanted to do,… Read more