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The Point of a Powerball Ticket Isn’t The Money

This week, I’d like to give a tip of the hat to the Washington Post, my hometown newspaper.  On the front cover today of The Express, their free daily, they have this image, shown here. The tag line:  “Sorry, but you’re more likely to be killed by a vending machine than you are to win tonight’s…

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Black Friday Meets Behavioral Economics

For two weeks, I’ve been talking about how to use behavioral economics and psychology to get control of your finances.   Now, it’s time to apply it for real, on Black Friday. This Thanksgiving Weekend, I have a goal: get some damn good deals, and only buy what I want to buy.  Below, I talk about… Read more

4 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Financial Success

Last week, I talked about how you can cleverly structure your environment to make it easier to control your finances.   Here, I’ll talk about how to prepare yourself – consciously, methodically, lay the foundation to make yourself more successful at your financial goals.  It’s life hacking for your finances. From the research literature and our… Read more