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Does Avoiding Credit Cards Save Money on Trips?

A month ago, I wrote about how my wife and I planned to leave our credit cards at home so we wouldn’t bust our budget when we traveled to Kenya.  Did it work?  Yes, it actually did.  We got back last week, with no vacation-debt and a bit of money leftover in our checking account.  …

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Homeless and Saving Money

This week isn’t about my family.  Instead, it’s about Mark, who is an informal shoe shiner here in Washington, DC.   By informal, I mean illegal. I met Mark as I was walking out of the office recently.  Mark, walking in the same direction, asked me for a moment.  He handed me a card – his… Read more

Should I give my wife a Mitre Saw for her birthday?

My wife’s birthday is coming up this week.  I have nothing planned.   Like my other married-guy (read: gift-giving impaired) friends, I usually do some standard stuff – buying flowers or chocolate, or going out for dinner or a movie.   This year, none of these are quite satisfying, though. Unfortunately, I honestly don’t know what she… Read more