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HelloWallet Heartbleed Bug Safe

Heartbleed? Not here. You’re ok.

The first thing you should know is that we checked our servers and determined that HelloWallet is not affected by that nasty Heartbleed Bug you’ve no doubt heard about. Our account aggregation partner, Yodlee, has also reported that they are not affected. We’re confident that your information is secure and no action is required on…

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The Increasing Pace of Change In Benefit Programs


The benefits industry has long had a reputation for being staid and resistant to change.  After 15 years working in the industry I can attest that this is no longer true.  A simple walk down memory lane shows us just how rapidly things have changed. I started thinking about this pace of change when I… Read more

Will Traditional Retirement Advice Be Enough?


The financial industry has plenty of data and suggestions – it is their stock and trade. However, many of the assumptions we have grown comfortable with, 4% withdrawal rate, 85% income replacement rate, etc, are based on historical norms and may not reflect today’s reality.  Employers, particularly those who feel obligated to provide retirement education… Read more

Employee Financial Security – Where Are My Employees’ Emergency Savings?


Corporate HR has been very busy the last few years, between retirement design changes such as auto-enrollment and auto-escalation, to now implementation of Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates. However, and despite the good intentions of these efforts, employee financial safety remains elusive.  This is a problem for HR managers as not only does financial stress… Read more

3 Themes from The Health and Benefits Leadership Conference


Day three of HR Executive’s Health & Benefits Conference is well underway in Las Vegas. Hundreds of HR practitioners and service providers have come together for this event to engage in important discussions about today’s benefits landscape. Some of us have been so enthralled with the dialogue that we haven’t left Caesars Palace (the conference… Read more