11 Cheap Date Ideas

Whether you’re single, married, engaged or divorced, spending time with that special someone can cause expenses to spiral out of control. In addition to the cost of dating, the daunting responsibility of brainstorming creative date activities can add unnecessary stress. Don’t let dating pressures get the best of you. When planning a date, think simple. Consider mutual passions, and simple activities that everyone enjoys.  After all, the best part about dating is spending time with your sweetheart. When planning a date, never assume that you need to plan something elaborate in order to impress your date or have a good time. Chances are he or she wants cut spending as well. Consider these ideas to spend time with the person you care about instead of your savings.

1.) Be a Tourist 

Cities have tons of free touristy things to do – you just have to look a little harder. Do a little research for free museums, concerts and shows in your area.

2.) Picnic

Get outside and enjoy the weather by bringing lunch outside. Combine forces with your date to bring along your favorite meals, snacks, and desserts.  You can also bring along exotic wines and beers and hold your own tasting. Looking for more ways to save on picnics? Check out our 5 Ways to Save Money at Picnics blog post.

3.) Artsy Outings

Poetry readings, gallery openings, book signings, concerts, and plays are great ways to break away from the ordinary and experience new things with your date. Even the quirkiest experiences will give you something to laugh about together. (There may even be free food involved, too!)

4.) Brunch & a Matinée

Cook breakfast in and head out for an afternoon movie. Do your research and check out outdoor theaters and specialty theaters that feature older movies on the cheap.

5.) Poker

No, we’re not encouraging you to gamble away your savings. Invite a few couples over for poker night. Instead of betting cash, play with inexpensive wins such as peanuts, pennies or dollar store purchases.

6.) Shop and Chop

Break the ice by going to the grocery store to buy items for a homemade meal.  Attempt a new recipe or create your own. You’ll be amazed how much you can learn about someone while shopping, and the outing will alleviate small talk awkwardness by generating plenty of conversation topics.

7.) Movie Marathon

When was the last time you sat down to watch all of your favorite movies?  Invite your date to bring his or her favorite films and indulge each other by spending the entire day on the couch. Embrace your inner couch potato together.

8.) Take a class

Learn something new together by signing up for something you’re both interested in. Whether its art, fitness, cooking, or dancing, many places offer great deals on intro classes.

9.) Do it yourself

Instead of going out to a restaurant, stay in and make your own s’mores, fondue, or sushi. These may take a little extra planning, but they allow for you and your date to take part in a mutual activity.  

10.) Potluck Date Party

Throw a potluck date party so you can enjoy your date and your friends without spending money on food. Spice it up by thinking up a theme for your get together.

11.) Get  Out, Get Moving

Enjoy nature while spending time together, as  there are many activities you can do without spending a dime. Take a trip to the beach or spend the day at the park, bringing along fun games to play.