6 Father’s Day Saving Tips

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we have some ideas to help you celebrate without overspending. The point of Father’s Day is simply to show your appreciation for all that Dads do. There’s no need to express gratitude through extravagant gifts. Go for homemade over store-bought, and opt for inexpensive activities to show your Dad how much you care.

Give Up Your Day

Give up the day to do whatever your Dad enjoys the most. If your Dad likes ride his bike, propose a family bike ride and surprise him by packing a picnic. Just taking the time to spend the day with your old man will mean the world to him.

Pamper Pop

Give your Dad the day to relax and take some of the burden off his shoulders by completing some of his weekly chores. Consider mowing the lawn, washing the car, or cleaning the garage. If you’re feeling creative, make a bundle of chore coupons that he can use throughout the year.

Get Crafty

Think outside the box and get creative. Create a homemade picture frame or put together a collage of family photos.

Create a Playlist

Make a playlist of your Dad’s favorite songs. This way, he will have all his jams in one place and he will think about you whenever he listens to them.

Splurge on the Sprinkles

Instead of blowing money at a restaurant, cook your father’s favorite meal at home and take him out for dessert as an extra special treat.

Opt for a Matinée

Take your Dad to that movie he’s been dying to see. To save some cash, go to an afternoon movie and eat beforehand to avoid purchasing overpriced snacks.