6 Tips for Eating a Healthy Diet on a Budget

It’s a common misconception that eating healthy foods is too expensive for the average Joe. You CAN afford to eat healthy foods on a budget. In fact, there are many ways to eat well without spending a fortune. Don’t sell yourself short by settling for over-processed, empty calories all the time. Instead, incorporate healthy food options into your lifestyle in a way that’s easy on your wallet and your waistline.

Investing in better quality food now means lowering your chances of long-term health problems (and expensive medical bills) in the future. Perhaps stopping by a fast food joint a couple days of week seems like the cheapest option, but the long term health implications of that decision can be dangerous and costly.

Consider these tips to eat healthy foods without spending a lot of dough:

Stay Local

Scout out farmers markets for healthy bargains. Ask questions to find out where your food comes from and relish in the opportunity to support the local economy. For the best deals, shop often, inquire about purchasing in bulk, and keep a lookout for end of the day specials.

Eat Seasonally

This is a win-win. Seasonal items taste better and tend to be less expensive!

Buy in Bulk

Purchasing healthy food options in bulk means you get a lower price per quantity ratio. Stock up on items with long shelf lives such as: nuts,pasta, grain, and dried fruit and beans. If you’re concerned about accumulating too much food, shop with a friend to split bulk purchases and expenses.

Grow Your Own

Start a garden. For the cost of roughly twenty dollars, you can create a well-stocked garden that will offer you a year- round produce supply. This is also a great way to teach kids about healthy foods and get them involved in the growing process! Don’t let gardening intimidate you. Start small by planting lettuce, carrots, radishes and beets, which are among the easiest veggies to grow.

Think Frozen

Frozen fruits and vegetables provide essential nutrients for less money. Freeze your own produce to preserve healthy foods and reheat them for quick, easy meals.

Consider a Community Agriculture Program

Join a community agriculture program so that fresh produce arrives at your doorstep. For a small fee, you can experience different types of seasonal vegetables and avoid the hassle of shopping for them yourself.