7 Tips to Save Money on your Big Day

You’ve dreamt about your wedding your entire life. But wedding planning can cause costs to spiral out of control, as it becomes easier to justify frivolous expenses. As wedding season comes into full bloom, the potential to spend excessively looms in the not so distant future.  

When it comes to planning your wedding, you should never settle, but you should also be mindful of expenses. Little add-ons can result in extraordinary wedding bills and even debt. There are many ways to cut corners when it comes to cost. Plan a wedding budget, prioritize your goals, and think outside the box. Start by making a list of your top three wedding priorities. After setting your goals, you will be able to eliminate costs in other categories. For example, fewer decorations and extravagant extras may provide you with the opportunity to purchase the dress of your dreams and invest in higher quality food for the reception.

Speaking of the  big day, we’ve just celebrated a special wedding here at HelloWallet. Congratulations to Caitlin and Todd! We’ve consulted the newlyweds for the inside scoop on wedding planning. Check out these ideas for useful tips:

1. Remember Students

Photography and music are two big ticket items when it comes to your wedding. Instead of paying a fortune for both, consider students who are looking to make a little extra cash. Hire a photography or music student for a fraction of the price you would pay for professionals.  Students will be thrilled to help out so they can add to their portfolio.

2. Shop Off-the-Rack

This one may require some shopping at unconventional hours, but you can do it! When you purchase a wedding dress off the rack, you can save hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. Instead of allowing your wedding dress to cause a dent in your wallet, get ready to bargain hunt.

3. Consider ECards

Save-the-dates and invitations are two expenses that can add up quickly. To avoid daunting expenses, consider sending eCards. These days, invitations via email may be the quickest way to reach people and get accurate headcounts for the big day.

Not keen on sending eCard invites? Consider these sites for more affordable do-it-yourself invitation solutions:My Gatsby, Zazzle  , Minted, Vistaprint

4. Used Merchandise

Used merchandise may not sound glamorous, but who can tell the difference between a cake stand that has been used once and one that has never been used before? Consult marketplace wedding sites to get killer bargains on minimally used wedding décor, dresses, and more. Sites such as:Wedding Bee , The Nest , Ruffled, Project Wedding,  Recycled Bride, BrideShare, SmartBride Boutique,  and BravoBride  provide the ultimate merchandise resources. If you feel strongly about purchasing your own wedding goods, sell them after the wedding!  There’s no reason to hold on to ten identical vases that you will never use again.  

5. Honeymoon Registry

When considering your registry, prioritize items and eliminate the rest. Instead, subscribe to an online honeymoon registry so that guest can contribute to your honeymoon. Honeymoon registries will allow wedding guests to contributing to a meaningful experience such as paying for airfare, hotel expenses, fun activities, meals and more. Best of all, you can avoid the many costs of a honeymoon.

6. Wholesale Flowers

This is for those ambitious brides out there! If you or a loved one is interested in arranging flowers for the big day, shopping wholesale is the way to go. Check out these wholesale flower sites: Fiftyflowers.com ,   Whole Blossoms,   Blooms by the Box  

7. Do It Yourself

Add your personal touches to make your wedding one-of-a-kind. Craft stores offer hundreds of decorations for minimal cost.  Personalize your décor with simple, low-cost additions. You can also consider planning your own wedding, instead of hiring a professional. Don’t worry, sites such as Wedding Wire make wedding planning a breeze!

Just so you know, HelloWallet is not sponsored by any of the companies listed in the blog above. We just wanted to share our ideas with you!