7 Ways to Save Water All Summer Long

The law in some cities requires you to take water conservation steps so the community can make it through the dry summer months. Even in town without these regulations, you can reduce your water bill by taking small but powerful steps to reduce your water usage. Your city, the environment and pocketbook will thank you. 

1. Keep Water In the Fridge

A pitcher or other container of water in the refrigerator means instant access to a cold drink. Without it, you’ll let gallons run down the drain as you wait for your tap water to become cool.

2. Aim Your Sprinklers

Too often, households wind up watering the walk and driveway along with their grass and plants. Arrange your sprinklers so you’re only watering stuff that needs the moisture. Hand-water areas that are too small to use sprinklers on without overshooting onto the hard stuff. 

3. Water at Night

Watering during the day means evaporation and wasted water. Instead, water at night so that almost every drop reaches your lawn. Similarly, avoid watering under windy conditions, since that can blow the water away from your plants. 

4. Fill the Dishwasher (and Washing Machine)

Both of these appliances use a lot of water, no matter how full they are when you start their cycles. By filling them completely before starting them up, you can save up to 1,000 gallons a month from this step alone. 

5. Ignore Your HOA

Homeowners’ associations often require a lawn lusher and greener than your summer climate permits — meaning you have to go through a lot of water just to keep up with the neighbors’ expectations. Check your contract, but most HOAs have a 60-to-90-day grace period for compliance….meaning you can wait until the end of summer before you get in any real trouble. 

6. Mark Your Glass

Use a dry erase marker, sticker, or similar device to designate a glass for each member of the family. This keeps people from taking a new glass for every drink — a practice that forces you to wash those extra glasses and use more water. 

7. Sweep That Concrete

It’s fun to blast your driveway and patio with a spray of water from the hose, but that wastes water with surprising speed. Designate a cheap broom or deck brush for outside use and keep dry areas clean with that.