8 Places To Look For Discounts

Coupons for discounts can be found in the least likely of places — even on a soda can.

A savvy consumer needs to keep a sharp eye out for those discounts to be able to take advantage of them.

We have hunted down some of the strangest places to find coupons and put them in one convenient place for you:

1. Gas station receipts: Do you even ask for a receipt when you’re getting your self-serve gasoline? Flip the paper over and there could be discounts for candy, snacks, sandwiches and more from the convenience store attached to the gas pumps.

2. Fast food receipts: You’re in a rush, so you dash into a fast food joint for lunch or dinner. Keep those receipts because just like their gas station cousins, they could have vouchers for menu items or discounts.

3. Soda cans: These discounts typically vary by region, but often soda cans will have discounts on admission prices to regional theme parks. No need to clip that coupon; take the can with you to the park for the discount.

4. eBay: Can you believe eBay even has auction listings for coupons? A recent check of the popular online auction site showed 24,516 listings for coupons. A quick search through several pages of coupons showed some were better deals than others — a coupon for a free bottle of Aleve was going for $6.76 plus 75 cents shipping, while a free Balloon Time coupon (a retail value of about $40 because the kit includes a helium tank and the balloons) was going for $8 plus $2.80 for shipping.

5. Store customer service counters and pharmacies: Look for manufacturer coupons that offer discounts.

6. Hotel lobbies: Look near the check-in area for fliers that describe local attractions. Usually there for tourists, these pamphlets carry discount coupons for local restaurants and activities — don’t overlook the possibility for savings. Airports and train stations usually have similar information kiosks, usually near signs welcoming you to the city in which the service is located. 

7. Chambers of commerce: Check in the lobby for an area that highlights local businesses. The businesses want to attract attention with their cards and fliers, so expect to see some coupons among the business cards.

8. Game and theater programs: Go to a semi-pro or professional sports team game and you’ll see discount coupons in the game program from the sponsors of the team. Expect to see similar coupons in theater programs too.

Have you seen any unusual places for coupons or somewhere you’ve scored a good discount? Tell us about them.