9 Reasons Getting Organized Will Save You Money

Time is money, but that’s only the tip of the financial iceberg when it comes to how organization can help you build wealth. If you need extra motivation to get your things in order, consider these ways home organization will save you money.

1. You Know What You Have

Some people joke about buying a needed item, only to find the one they had within moments of getting home. For the rest of this, it’s no joke — it’s wasted money every time we do it. 

2. No More Late Fees

Organizing your calendar and finances means never paying a late fee again. Ditto for overdraft, over-limit and other service fees that come from not knowing what’s going on. 

3. Fewer Incidental Expenses

Packing your lunch the night before means not eating out at work. Having your coffee ready in the morning means not buying it at the local mud hut. This rule applies to literally hundreds of small items organized people don’t need to buy. 

4. Lists, Lists, Lists

Making lists is part of staying organized. Shopping with a list — especially for groceries — can save you $100 or more every week. Keeping a monthly list of impulse buys, then going once to buy the things you still want to buy after a few weeks, is another way lists will save you from inappropriate purchases. 

5. Wasting Less Food

It’s estimated that American families waste an average of $750 worth of food every year. Most of this comes from stuff we forget about and let rot in the back of the fridge or pantry. An organized approach to groceries reduces this waste.

6. Selling and Donating

If you organize your things, you identify the items you no longer need or want. You can sell those at a garage sale or on Craigslist, or donate them for a tax credit. Either way, you turn your clutter into hard cash. 

7. Combining Errands

Ever get home from errands, only to realize you need to go out again? Organizing your errands and time prevents that — along with the extra gas and time you spend on round two. 

8. Maintenance Saves

It’s hard take care of routine maintenance if you don’t organize your time. This factor alone can save thousands in avoided repairs, and can qualify you for some insurance discounts. 

9. Health Benefits

Disorganization equals stress, a factor as significant to your health as diet, sleep and regular exercise. This means real savings in the form of more time at work, lower co-payments and fewer prescriptions to buy. 

Does anybody have a story about the benefits — or the process — of getting organized? Please share them in the comments below.

(Photo by trenttsd)