A Case Study in the Right Way to Build a Business

Last week, Mixergy founder Andrew Warner interviewed HelloWallet CEO Matt Fellowes, and today, you can watch the full interview right here!

Through the conversation, Andrew sets out to explore how HelloWallet has gone from 0 to 300,000 paid subscribers in the past five months. Matt recounts the early days of HelloWallet and walks through a number of crucial decisions that have brought the company to the point it is at today.

Starting out my second week on the HelloWallet marketing team, it was great for me to hear so many details about the genesis of the company and see Andrew Warner as excited as I am about HelloWallet. The interview is chock full of awesome snippets, but my personal favorite comes from Andrew, who notes, “You know what strikes me, Matt, talking to you, is so much of what you’ve done in such a short period of time just feels like a case study in the right way to build a business.”

We’d love to hear what your favorite quote is – check out the video below and post a comment to let us know!