Action Design DC grows from 0 to 500 members since December

Hey folks,

I’d like to make a quick announcement about the Action Design DC meetup. Since December, Action Design DC has gone from an initial idea to an active, engaged community with over 500 members.  Thank you to everyone who has participated & made this possible!

If you’re not already familiar with the group, it’s a community of people who are interested in products that help people take action and change their daily behavior.  These products, from the Nike+ FuelBand and HelloWallet to  “Clocky” the rolling clock, help people do something that they want to do, but have struggled with in the past — such as exercising more or taking control of their finances.  I started the group in December with the help of Michael Yoch (our HelloWallet SVP of Product) and Justin Thorp (now at TechCocktail).

Each month, we bring together entrepreneurs, designers, product managers, and behavioral researchers in one room, to learn & talk about issues of voluntary behavior change.  Specifically, we feature:

  • one or more specific case studies of products that change behavior,
  • practical techniques for how to design, build, or test these products, and
  • lessons on the underlying research in voluntary behavior change, from behavioral economics to BJ Fogg’s behavior model.

For example, last week, Action Design members heard Opower’s Director of UX present the five simple principles that Opower follows to achieve their impressive success in decreasing energy usage.  Next month, Spencer Gerrol, CEO of the design consultancy Spark Experience, will talk about how to design data interventions – how to display data that informs, delights, and spurs behavior change.   In a few days, we’re also hosting Nir Eyal, serial entrepreneur and Stanford University lecturer, who’s giving a workshop on how to build habits among your users.

We have had great support from local businesses as sponsors, and I’d like to thank them as well.  Companies that have provided food, drink, or venues for our events include: NPR, LivingSocial, OPower, 1776 DC, HelloWallet, and Lab49.   Thanks guys!


  1. For more information, including videos and slides from previous events, as well as other writings about products can behavior change, check out  the Action Design blog at
  2. If you’re in the DC area, please signup for the Action Design Meetup at
  3. Our twitter hash tag: #ActionDesign


That’s it for now — I look forward to seeing you at the next Action Design Meetup!