Action Steps: Re-designed & Better Than Ever

Here at HelloWallet, we’ve been doing a bit of spring cleaning within our application, and one of our biggest projects has been the re-design of our Action Steps function. Instead of simply showing you your budget and spending every month, with Action Steps we analyze your aggregate financial data and give you personalized recommendations based on that information.

With this new iteration of Action Steps, we want to give you more of a sense of the specific actions you can take to improve your financial health. We won’t just tell you that we foresee a problem in your budget, we’ll show you a visual representation of the problem and outline the clear actions you can take to solve it. We’ll then walk you through the process and show you your progress at each step.

Each user’s action steps are tailored specifically to them based on how they use the application. For example, if your total budget shows you plan to spend more than you make, when you click on the Budget heading in your Action Steps, you will see a graph comparing your budget to your monthly income over time.

Next to the graph, you will see a large button that reads Balance Your Budget. Clicking on that button will bring you to the screen shown below, which shows you which budget categories you can afford to reduce in order to save more of your income.

In this example, if you lower your transportation budget from $200 to $150 and click “Make Adjustment,” you will be congratulated on finishing the action step sequence. At this point, you can either pat yourself on the back and attend to other tasks, or continue on to complete another action step and feel even better about yourself.

Another valuable aspect of this new functionality is that we will provide you with peer comparison data throughout many of the Action Steps. If we see that you have credit card debt and have not yet created a debt goal to pay it off, you’ll see a Credit Card Debt tab. If you click on that tab, we’ll show you how your debt compares to others in your age and income bracket. We’ll then recommend the appropriate action you should take to plan paying off that debt: Add Debt Goal Now. If you choose to add a debt goal, we’ll walk you step-by-step through the goal creation process and bring you that much closer to the level of financial stability you’re looking for.

Have any questions or comments about the new Action Steps? Our community team loves hearing your feedback! Give them a call at 866.55.HELLO(43556) or send them an email at