All Smiles in Broad Creek, VA

We had a great launch session yesterday in Norfolk, VA with residents of the Community Builders’ (TCB) Broad Creek community. TCB, one of HelloWallet’s close community partners, is a nonprofit in the business of building low- and mixed-income housing to sustain strong communities. HelloWallet and TCB are collaborating to provide financial guidance and distribute free HelloWallet memberships to families in need.

Gladys, TCB Program Manager, welcomes Community Manager Grant to Broad Creek

Community Manager Grant and I spent the day with the wonderful Gladys Medder (TCB Program Manager) and some of her Broad Creek residents. We introduced everyone to HelloWallet, spent some time walking through the key features, and listened to the needs of the community.

Gladys introduces the residents to HelloWallet

It was incredible to get to know some of the residents and hear their stories. We had a long conversation with a motivated young woman and heard about her strong conviction to make a change in her finances. At the end of our chat, she threw the gauntlet and decided to set herself up for a three-month challenge to build savings. We all shook on it, so it’s on. We’re not naming names, but if you’re reading this, we’ll be checking back in in three months!

A few happy residents celebrate their victory in the $100 “Jumpstart your Savings” drawing

We ended the sessions by selecting five winners to receive $100 to jumpstart their savings. Overall, an excellent day spent with inspiring, strong people. We’re excited to get to know the Broad Creek community even better as we bring more residents aboard the HelloWallet train.