Budget Guidance

The first step towards achieving any long-term financial plan is to spend less than you earn so you have money left over for your goals.  That’s easier said than done, of course.  To begin with, it’s not always easy to know where your money goes.  Gone are the days of balancing checkbooks by hand.  While time consuming and a bit tedious, that at least guaranteed that you knew exactly what you were spending on.

At HelloWallet, we’re constantly trying to combine ease of use (like not having to balance your checkbook) with guidance and oversight (knowing where your money is going).  To that end, we’ve just improved our budget page with enhancements that help you better align your budget targets with your spending.

New “i” icons (for “info”) to the left of any budget category indicate if there is a discrepancy between the target you’ve set and how much you’re actually spending.  

Clicking on the budget line opens a panel that shows you the difference with both text and a graph, so it’s super easy to make corrections right there if you want to.

And switching over to the transactions view will show you all the transactions in that category so far this month so you can review them.


When you visit the budget page you’ll also notice right away that we’ve done some reformatting and design work to make important information easier to see.  For example, your overall monthly income allocation plan, which shows things like savings goals, now appears in the right column on the budget, so you can now see your day-to-day spending plan in a better context.


We hope these changes to the budget help everyone stay on track towards bigger goals!  We’d love to hear from you in the comments below or by email to support@hellowallet.com