Web App Updates: Bulk Edit Transactions, Auto Categorization Update, Re-Organizing Action Steps

Dear users, 

Our personal financial management tools are some of the best on the market and we’re constantly working to make them better.  We prioritize new features based in large part on your requests.  You made clear you wanted better ability to edit transactions.  So check out the new bulk edit and auto-categorization rules functionality!    

With bulk edit you can select a group of transactions and change the description, category and associated flags all at once.  It works with search, too, so you can filter transactions and then easily change all of them.

In addition, you can now control the rules we use to automatically categorize your transactions in the future.   Each time you change the category on a transaction we’ll give you the option (at the top of the page) to apply that rule to all new transactions with the same description.

So with bulk edit you can easily fix transactions in the past.  And with the auto-categorization rules you can control how we handle your transactions in the future.  We hope that small changes like these will let you spend less time organizing your finances and more time achieving your financial goals.

You’ll also notice some changes to the personalized recommendations in Action Steps.  We’re working to reorganize this section into a clear step-by-step approach to financial wealth.  

The key to long term financial success is spending less than you earn.  This frees up money to achieve other financial goals – retirement, your child’s college fund, or just a vacation.   Action Steps now does a much better job helping you find money you can dedicate to your financial goals each month.

We’d love to know what you think of these changes.  As you browse around you will also notice some design improvements.  These are a preview of even greater things coming soon!

Happy Saving.

SVP, Product