Celebrate Summer on a Budget this Memorial Day

Memorial Day is dedicated to young men and women that have served our country, but it also represents the beginning of summer, the opening of swimming pools, and the end of school (or at least a long weekend after the holiday desert between March and May). Here are a few fun and affordable ideas for the weekend:

Backyard BBQ: What better way to celebrate Memorial Day then a backyard party for family and friends? To keep the bills down without sacrificing the guest list, make it a potluck and have everyone bring a dish. The menu and your wallet will be better for it. Find great Memorial Day recipe ideas on the Food Network online.

Parades: Memorial Day wouldn’t be complete without checking out your local parade. This is a great way to build memories with kids, and it’s completely free! Check out the list of U.S. Memorial Day Parade Directory to find a parade in your area.

Crafts: There is no such thing as being too patriotic during Memorial Day weekend, so let the kids go nuts with red, white and blue construction paper and decorate the house with homemade crafts. Help them make old glory flag pennants, American flag wall hangings, or even American flag fans to keep them cool. If you want to make an even bigger mess, help your kids bake cookies and cakes that they can decorate with for the occasion. Bonus: Turn this activity into a lesson about the value of money by setting up a booth in your neighborhood and selling the goodies to passersby. Encourage your kids to donate some of their profits to a good cause. Check out websites like familyfun and Kaboose for great activity and recipe ideas.

Now it’s your turn to share some of your Memorial Day weekend plans – Any fun suggestions?