Company Atmosphere at HelloWallet

I just finished my second week here at HelloWallet, and I must admit that it’s a great place to be. I know I speak for everyone here on that one. I’d describe the HelloWallet team as welcoming, sincere, and approachable. What more could you want in a hip start-up company?

Let me tell you a little bit about the environment here. Physically, we’re situated in a modern loft-style office. Almost all of the HelloWallet employees sit together in one room regardless of what department they work in.  All additional offices overlook the main room through glass walls. The general décor is one of transparency, a theme that HelloWallet drives home in all aspects of the company.

The HelloWallet atmosphere mirrors the physical design of our office space. The term “HelloWallet Team” could not be a be a more accurate description of our company culture.  Lively and engaged are adjectives that immediately come to mind when considering HelloWallet professionals.  As one of a few HelloWallet newbies, I’ve quickly been embraced as a part of the team.

A Sneak Peak into the Fabulous Lives of HelloWallet Employees:

In our spare time, we like to play ping pong and take trips to the Well Dressed Burrito (just one of our many favorite restaurants in walking distance from the office). Because we don’t all work on the same projects, it can be difficult for everyone to mingle on a daily basis.  To stay connected, we’re into employee events to relax and catch up.  At the end of each week, we order lunch to the office and unwind with Bourbon Hour, an in-office happy hour. A couple of weeks ago, we also had a mid-week ice cream social treat. Some of our upcoming company events include a Nationals game outing, wellness conditioning, trivia night, and game night.