Doing DC Differently

The Motley Fool held their first “Doing DC Differently” event Wednesday evening at their office.  They invited like-minded companies, such as Viget Labs, Honest Tea, and HelloWallet, to share their story and culture.  Everyone shared the same message – “We are a performance-based culture, but not clock-based culture.  It’s more about the quality of work being done.”

If you walk around the office at one of these companies you’ll notice some distinct different, such as pool table, casual dress, video games, or free snacks in the kitchen.  These companies have created an environment where employee’s loves going to work, and in turn, are extremely productive.  The employees are less stressed which keep healthcare costs down, and produce top-notch quality work because they love what they do. 

The event is the first in a series of future forums that will take place in the DC region, brining “different” companies together to learn and grow from.

We’re so excited to be part of the DC community. It’s so great to be able learn & grow together.

(Photo by ttarasiuk)