First Fitness Class at HelloWallet

Here at HelloWallet, we’re dedicated to more than just financial wellness. We know that physical wellness is imperative for a healthy work-life balance. We recently partnered with the wellness solutions firm, Sade Clarity, to implement a wellness initiative for the HelloWallet team! From eating better foods to staying active, we’re doing our best to be more mindful of our health by participating in fun, office- wide wellness events.

Yesterday, Sade organized our first HelloWallet fitness class. A personal trainer came to us, and we made use of our office space after hours. Conditioning commenced with stretching and an hour of full-body cardio followed. From circuits, lifting, and planks to skipping, bear crawling and burpees, we converted our office space into our own personal gym.

Our instructor focused her attention on muscles that we typically don’t use when we sit at our desks all day, and stressed the importance of corporate involvement in fitness initiatives. Because we all spend so much time at our jobs, promoting in-office exercise is a great way to get employees moving!  

We hope that our commitment to wellness will encourage you to stay healthy and bring wellness events to your office. We’ll keep you updated on our latest wellness activities!

Here are a few tips we learned that may be useful to you:

Hydrate During the Work Day

Staying hydrated is always important, but it’s especially critical in the hot weather. Keep a bottle of water at your desk and periodically refill it during the day.

Stay Active on the Job

Often, when we sit at our desks, hours go by before we have a reason to leave our seats. It’s important to move whenever possible! Make it a goal to get up from your desk every hour.

Sit Tall

We all have a tendency to slouch on the job. Try to make it a habit to work on your posture while you sit at your desk.