Green Gadgets Can Save You Greenbacks

All too often we assume that ecofriendly is synonymous with expensive, but that’s not always the case. Now more than ever, green gadgets offer us the opportunity to save energy and money.  And let’s face it – going green is sexier when it’s economical.  

In recent years, energy-saving products for the home have gained significant media attention. Since it can be difficult to keep track of what’s what, we’ve compiled a simple list of the types of products that we believe to be friendly towards the environment and to your wallet.

Thermostat Monitors

Thermostat monitors often require an upfront cost, but they pay for themselves in temperature efficiency and bill saving.  Thermostat monitors allow you to program temperatures in advance to avoid unnecessary energy use. One new gadget, Nest, monitors your thermostat and even learns your habits.  What is more, Nest can be accessed via smartphone so temperature can be monitored when you’re on-the-go.  

Rechargeable Batteries

This one’s a little controversial due to much debate over whether or not rechargeable batteries are more efficient and powerful than disposable ones. However, one thing is certain: rechargeable batteries can save you money by eliminating your need to continually purchase batteries. Rechargeable batteries also reduce waste. When looking for optimal earth-friendly batteries, Tech Media Network’s Top TenREVIEWS recommends rechargeable batteries made of NiMH (made with metal hydride) as opposed to NiCD  (made with nickel cadmium), though both are more eco friendly than disposable batteries!

Shower Timers

Instead of spending endless amounts of time taking a shower, insert a shower timer to keep yourself on track by timing your showers. Shower timers are available for minimal costs.  Check out these affordable timers available at  Amazon. Set a time that makes sense for you, aiming to stay in the five to ten minute range. Worried about completing all of your cleansing needs under a timeframe? Avoid passive standing time. You can still unwind without wasting buckets of water.

Environment Light Bulbs

We often overlook light bulbs because it’s difficult to comprehend how much energy they can waste.. In reality, light bulbs drain energy and money. Instead of reaching for a traditional light bulb, look for light bulbs that have been rated by energy stars. According to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, if everyone in the United States replaced just one household light with one energy-saving bulb would result in astounding results such as an annual energy savings cost of roughly  $600 million.

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