Hello Pet Projects!

We encourage everyone (not just the engineering team) at HelloWallet to always learn about new technologies, think about better ways of doing things, give back to their local communities, and develop new ideas for HelloWallet.  

Our Hello Pet Projects program helps us to do these things by providing each of us a way to carve out 10-15% of our work time to pursue things that interest us outside of our normal responsibilities.  No rigid rules really, except that we have to talk about and demo our projects (or the progress we’ve made on them) each month over lunch.  

For the engineering team, we’ll also have the occasional Hello Jam Day when an engineer or small group of engineers works on a day-long pet project of their choice and demos it in the evening.  

These kinds of perks keep us sharp and innovative so that we can bring you a better HelloWallet!  Say hello to Hello Pet Projects!

Interested in joining the team?  Apply today!