Welcome to our blog. We’re building HelloWallet to address a major gap in the financial services market: simple, friendly expertise to help consumers make sense of it all.

Financial products of all types—from basic checking and savings accounts to retirement accounts and stock market investments—have grown more and more complex over the years, leaving many of us confused and a bit paralyzed by our options. We’ve all wasted too much time and money figuring out which savings account to get, how much to put in savings versus student loans, how much we should really be saving for retirement. In the past, people have gone to financial planners for answers. Today, thanks to new technology and a unique set of analytics, we’re able to offer that same type of individualized guidance much more directly and cheaply.

With HelloWallet, we aspire to reclaim control over our finances and free up time better spent on other pursuits. This blog is partly about the evolution of our product, but more importantly about the world in which that evolution is taking place. HelloWallet is possible because of amazing technological innovations, inspiring social movements, and individuals and organizations who are unafraid to follow their passions. We’re excited to share those things here.

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