HelloWallet Does Mini Golf

If you could design your dream office, what would it look like? Here at HelloWallet, that’s exactly the question we’re trying to answer. And it’s just another one of the many reasons why I, on my second day working in the marketing department, could not be more excited to be here!  

 In just a few months, we’ll be moving our offices into a former postal service building with a sprawling, open floor-plan layout, so this afternoon our CEO brought our staff together for a free lunch brainstorming session to discuss the awesome ideas our team has thought up for the new space. The general consensus (not surprisingly) is that a mini golf course is a must, flanked, of course, by our foosball table and arcade-style basketball hoops.

 As we start gathering the materials to put the course together, we’d love to hear from you about your all-time favorite mini-golf hole (pinwheel anyone?) and arcade game (who doesn’t love air hockey?). And if you get too jealous thinking about how much fun we’ll be having at our new office, check out our job listings and apply to join the HelloWallet team!  

(Photo by Candie_N)