HelloWallet’s Day at the Farm

Last Friday, the HelloWallet team took a day away from the office and headed over to do some hands-on work volunteering at The Farm at Walker Jones, a local urban farm in downtown DC.

The Farm at Walker Jones isn’t just any ordinary farm, though. The farm is adjacent to the Walker Jones Education elementary school, and its main purpose is to promote learning through hands-on education in the community. By teaching students about the process of starting and maintaining a farm, the children learn important eco-friendly lessons about independent living, nutrition, math, and environmental science.

In 2010, during its first season, the Farm at Walker Jones raised an impressive 3,000 pounds of food, which it used to serve the children, families, and neighbors of the campus, including two nearby retirement communities and DC Central Kitchen. The farm has grown significantly thanks to the help of volunteers, and now has a butterfly garden, compost facilities, beehives, herb beds, and irrigation stations on site.

During our time at the farm, we were able to help with soil preparation, compost sifting, tree transplanting, seed planting, mulching, and a whole lot of weeding. We were also able to interact with students from Walker Jones and work with them jointly on projects.

The mission of the farm and the energy of the students around us were extremely inspiring to all of us at HelloWallet. We were thrilled to work together and spend our time giving a little back to a farm that gives so much to the surrounding community, and we hope to return soon!