It’s Now Even Easier to Track Your Financial Goals!

At HelloWallet, we’re always working to make it easier to manage your financial life.   Today I’m excited to share that we’ve released a new version of our goal tracking functionality. With this updated feature, we’ll be able to better help you stay on top of all of the things that you want to do financially (i.e. save for the future or pay off debt.)

It’s now both faster and easier to set up a goal.  We took what was typically a 9 step process and cut it down to 3 or 5 steps, depending on the situation.   The new sequence uses a personalized survey-like approach to determine your goal preferences, so you only have to give us details on the areas that actually apply to you.

Additionally, we’ve added a bunch of exciting features to the goal page.  We’ll now show you a comparison of how your progress on the goals you’re trying to accomplish stacks up to the progress of your peers.  We’ve also improved our affordability analysis so we can better calculate how much money you should save every month based on your goal preferences. Lastly, we’ve improved upon the steps you take in order to find more money in your budget. This way, you can save even more for your savings goals or pay down your debt down even faster.

Definitely let us know what you think of these new features. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, drop us a note in the comments below or shoot us an email at