New Community Partner – Goodwill Inc.

Last week marked the launch of HelloWallet’s official partnership with Goodwill Industries International and their 100,000+ US employees.  The HelloWallet-Goodwill journey began several months ago when HelloWallet’s VP of Research, Steve Wendel, and I spoke to regional agency directors about the financial lives of their employees at Goodwill’s financial literacy conference in San Antonio, Texas.  The journey is finally complete and we’re ready to begin distributing free HelloWallet subscriptions to Goodwill employees across the country. 

The partnership is part of HelloWallet’s philanthropic mission to help ensure that all Americans have access to independent financial advice.  The action is simple – for every five subscriptions HelloWallet sells, we donate one free subscription to an individual or family in need through partnerships with the non-profit and community organizations that serve them.

Deciding which community organization to partner with to distribute the subscriptions has been challenging, as there are copious organizations achieving incredible results.  After surveying the market, we set our sights on partnering with Goodwill not only because of their organizational structure, but because of their strong commitment to financially strengthen the lives of their employees and members. 

Financial literacy is one of Goodwill’s top priorities and is a pervasive principle found in the corporate headquarters and in the 168 agencies spread across the country.  “Our goal is to ensure that families have what they need so that our participants can be successful at work. HelloWallet provides users with alerts regarding financial health threats, reminders, savings opportunities, and other information and education about their personal finances so that they can take steps to improve their financial situation,” said Jim Gibbons, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries International.

To kick off our official partnership, last Thursday, HelloWallet’s CEO and founder, Matt Fellowes, spoke at the Goodwill Financial Literacy Summit at their headquarters in Rockville, Maryland.  At the summit, Matt discussed the misalignment between what employees need and the financial benefits that are being provided to them by their employers.  This gap is growing and is leaving struggling Americans unable to prepare for financial emergencies and retirement. Through our partnership with Goodwill, HelloWallet aims to solve this by helping all Americans (not only the 20% of Americans who currently have access to financial guidance) find extra money in their paycheck to live a better financial life.

An Illustration of Matt Fellowes’ Presentation