New Features Roundup: Daily Feed Name, New Trends Functions, ING Account Linking, and Password Security

This past month at HelloWallet, we’ve been focusing on responding to user feedback by adding a bunch of small features that will make using our application as seamless and enjoyable as it can be.

The first thing you’ll notice when you sign into your HelloWallet account is that the toolbar on your home page is now called “Personalized Daily Guidance.” We think it better explains exactly what it is that we’re providing you with: tidbits, spending summaries, and pieces of advice just for you based on the information you’ve told us about your financial life.



Last month, we added the trends function, which allows you to see your spending, budget, and income trends over time.  Since then, some of our users requested that we add more trends categories, so this week we added functionality that allows you to view your account balance and net worth over time as well.  For account balance, you can choose to either compare the balance on a particular credit card or checking account or compare all of your accounts together. For net worth, you will see a sum of your accounts and assets and see how they fluctuate month-to-month.



For those of you who have ING Direct accounts, you may know that ING requires you to type in a personal finance access code before allowing financial management tools, including HelloWallet, to access your financial information. However, you may not know exactly where in your ING account you can find this code. To cut down on this confusion, HelloWallet now provides all users who attempt to link ING accounts with step-by-step directions explaining how to generate their access code so they can quickly return to HelloWallet and finish the linking process.




We’ve also been working to ensure that your financial data is as secure as possible, so we added a number of security features that not only make it easier for you to sign in to HelloWallet if you forget your password, but safeguard against anyone other than you signing into your account.

Let us know what you think about these features in the comments section below and be sure to share any ideas you have that would improve your HelloWallet experience 🙂