Improvements to the HelloWallet Web App: Account Updates, Home Page, Budget, Goals

We are excited to announce some improvements to HelloWallet.  Today, you will notice a few changes designed to make the app even better for managing your money and reaching your goals.  

Better Account Updates

Every time you log in we’ll automatically update ALL of your bank accounts with the most recent transactions and balances.  With a single click you can refresh them yourself anytime on the Accounts page. 

Improved Home Page

Your individual account balances are now much easier to see on the Home page.  We’ve also added a display of the most important information from your budget so you can check your status at a glance. 

Streamlined Budget

We’ve focused the Budget page on tracking your bills and regular expenses, and made it simpler to navigate by organizing your budget items into those two groups.  A summary of your spending is at the top.  

Sleeker Goals Display 

You’ll find it much easier to see your goals progress on our redesigned Goals page.  It clearly shows your start and end dates, your total goal amounts and your real progress towards those goal based on the balances in your accounts. 

We hope that you’ll find these improvements helpful, and would love to hear any feedback on the changes.  Happy saving! 

Michael Yoch

VP, Product