New to-do list and savings features

We released several new features this morning, which we couldn’t have built without our members’ great feedback.

Here’s what’s new:

To-Do List – We’ve added a to-do list to the Dashboard to help you keep track of upcoming bills, goals progress, new savings ideas, and other good stuff. Add your own items and receive email reminders when they’re due.

Savings Goals – It’s now easier to monitor your progress on your savings goals with these new features:

  1. Progress charts linked to each goal
  2. Customized guidance on how to stay on track to reach your goals
  3. A new edit process that gives you real-time feedback on how your progress will change

Split Transactions – Did you do some spontaneous grocery shopping while picking up a prescription at CVS? No problem, you can now split the transaction into two (or more) budget categories.

More Deals – We already mentioned this, but we now have more than 130,000 financial products in our My Deals database.

An Improved Wallet Grower – The Wallet Grower is one of our personal favorites and we’ve made it easier to use by letting you add missing information for all of your accounts on the same page.

Let us know what you think of these new features in the comments, and keep those great ideas coming!