Save Old Account Data

We launched a number of great new features yesterday. One we’re really excited about is the ability to disconnect an account from a bank and permanently archive the account data.

Most of our members use our “connect account” functionality to aggregate transactions from a variety of banks in one centralized place. But from time to time, what you need is actually the opposite.

Consider a couple use cases. You might refinance your mortgage and want to keep the old information even though the account is no longer active. The same is true for checking accounts. You might switch banks but still want to have access to your transaction history from your old bank. And credit card accounts are sometimes compromised and must be closed for security reasons (this seems to be happening a lot lately).

We know that one of the most valuable things in our members’ financial lives is their historical data. So we’ve built functionality that allows you to very easily disconnect an account from a financial institution and keep your information.

It’s simple. On the “Accounts” screen simply click “Edit” next to the account name you’d like to archive.


You’ll then see the “Add / Edit” account screen with two buttons at the bottom. One is “Delete” (don’t hit that unless you truly want to delete the account!). The other is “Disconnect”.

Clicking “Disconnect” will prompt you to confirm, and if you do your account will be converted from a connected account to a manual one in our system. You can edit the balance and add or remove transactions yourself. But the account will no longer automatically update with the bank.

We hope you like this new feature. We’d love to hear from you in the comments below or by email to