Start Manually Adding Transactions to HelloWallet [New Feature]

 Today, I’m excited to announce that we’ve added the highly requested feature of being able to add manual transactions into your HelloWallet account.   This makes it easier to do a few things…

  • Add transactions into HelloWallet if your financial institution isn’t supported or if you’ve chosen to not link HelloWallet to a financial account.
  • Track how you’re spending cash.  When you manually add a cash transaction, you can even associate it with an ATM withdraw that we have logged in our system.
  • Log pending transactions.  Let’s say you just wrote out your rent check but your landlord hasn’t deposited it yet.  You can manually add that transaction to your HelloWallet account so you’re balance accurately represents how much money you have.  And the best part… once your landlord deposits the check, we’ll resolve the two transactions so everything is reporting as it should.

We’re super excited about this feature.  We’re anxious to hear what you think.  Drop a comment on this blog post with your feedback.

If you have any questions call or email our community team.   Email:   Phone: 1-866-554-3556.