The 2011 National Financial Capability Challenge

In light of the recent economic crisis, the need for improved financial education across the U.S. has become increasingly clear. In an effort to boost financial capability among teens, the U.S. Department of Treasury is partnering with the U.S. Department of Education to run the 2011 National Financial Capability Challenge. High school teachers and other educators will be challenged to teach teens the basics of personal finance.  Rewards will be distributed to top educators, students, and schools for their participation and success in the Challenge.

Linda Yaron, Teacher Ambassador Fellow at the U.S. Department of Education, tells WalletPop:

As an English teacher in an inner-city Los Angeles community for seven years, I have seen the importance of empowering young people with the skills they need to build a foundation for long-term financial security…. knowledge is power.”

The Financial Capability Challenge runs through April 8th. Teachers and educators working with teens are encouraged to register for the Challenge to promote a stronger financial future for our youth.

To learn more about the National Financial Capability Challenge and get involved, check out: