The Relationship Between Company Culture and Productivity

Here at HelloWallet, our company culture is a huge defining factor in who we are. From afternoon foosball sessions to free lunches to impromptu office-wide espresso breaks, we understand the importance of taking time out of our busy schedules to come together and have fun as a community. Not only does it bring us closer and make us happier people, it makes us more productive as well!

Extensive research has shown that happier employees make for a more productive workplace, and I’d say HelloWallet would be the perfect case study to demonstrate that effect.

Take this week for example. On Tuesday night, a group from HelloWallet headed over to the Verizon Center to take in a Washington Capitals game, and on Thursday a crowd headed over to the launch party of to schmooze with the ever-growing tech community and celebrate budding entrepreneurship in the DC area.

And, as always, to round out the week our free Friday lunch did not disappoint, with burgers, cheese fries, and milkshakes galore from a HelloWallet favorite: Shake Shack. After lunch, we were all back to the grind, espresso shots in hand.

Until 5 o’clock, of course, when another round of Bourbon Friday commences. 

To find out more about the relationship between happiness and productivity, check out this paper written by behavioral scientists Joanne H. Gavin and Richard O. Mason (and don’t forget to admire our lava lamp-laden bourbon cabinet while you’re at it):[1]

[1] Gavin, Joanne H., and Richard O. Mason. “The Virtuous Organization: The Value of Happiness in the Workplace.” Organizational Dynamics 33.4 (2004): 379-92. Print.