[Tip] Categorizing Your Transactions with HelloWallet’s Emotional Tagging

Do you ever scan through your debit and credit card transactions and feel overcome by regret? I know I do, which is why I’m so thrilled that HelloWallet gives me the option to categorize my past transactions based on how I feel about them now. Then, whenever I log into my HelloWallet account, I can remember which purchases I should make in the future and which locations I should stay far away from. 

To categorize your transactions by your emotional response to them, visit the Transactions page in your account. There, front and center you’ll see a list of your past purchases, and if you look to the bottom left side of the screen you’ll see a smaller box entitled “December Expense Flags.” This box contains a key with five different colored flags that signify one of five sentiments: Glad I Did, Wish I Hadn’t, Had To, Reimbursable, and Tax Deductible.

To flag your transactions with one of these sentiments, simply click the transaction you’d like to categorize to expand it, click on one of the two circles next to the transaction date, and then select the appropriate flag from the drop-down list. If you can’t decide how you feel about a particular transaction, you can select two flags for it. And, if the flag options don’t match your sentiments perfectly, you can always add your own customized flag.   

So next time you’re having a bad day and are tempted to cheer yourself up with emotional overspending that you’ll later wish you hadn’t, take a look at your transactions page and think about ways you can turn your day around that you’ll be proud to go back to and tag with the “Glad I Did” flag! 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our wonderful support team at 866-55-HELLO (43556) or email them at support@hellowallet.com. Don’t have an account? Sign up today and get 30 days free!