Introducing Quicken Import for all HelloWallet users

We’re excited to announce a new function that allows you to import your past financial data from Quicken straight into your HelloWallet account. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to view the entirety of your financial history in one place, and now you’ll be able to do that with the click of a button.

Instead of losing your financial history when you switch from Quicken to HelloWallet, you are able to take it all with you. Best of all, once imported, this historical data will help power your HelloWallet goals and recommendations. 

Your data will appear as manual transactions on a newly created account. This will be separate from any of your linked accounts. We encourage you to link all your accounts to allow us to continue tracking your current transactions.

You can add your Quicken data just like you would any other account: click “Add Account” on your profile page and select “import your Quicken data (BETA)” on the bottom of the pop-up screen.  

This feature is still in beta and we’re working on ways to make it stronger, so we’d love your feedback! Leave your comments in the section below or, as always, email or call 866.55.HELLO(43556).