Update On Our Work With Emerging Markets To Promote Financial Literacy

In keeping with our pledge of democratizing access to financial advice, we have partnered with a number of community organizations across the country to help spread HelloWallet.  Recently we worked Emerging Markets in the Los Angeles area to deliver the application to a community college teaching the value of financial literacy.  We delivered free subscription passes to the school population of students receiving financial aid, to help those receiving aid learn more about managing their newly acquired debt. 

Not only will HelloWallet help the students manage their debt, but it will also teach the students how to budget, create savings goals, and plan for the future.  Emerging Markets representative Angelika Frias stated “Were excited about our on going work with community–based organizations as well as our efforts to expand HelloWallet to college students as educational costs increase – which requires increased financial aid.”

Emerging Markets is only one of the organizations HelloWallet has partnered with for our charitable mission; we have also partnered with organizations such as the Center for Economic Progress and the Community Builders – full list.  We’re proud to be helping out the community and supporting financial guidance for all Americans.