Weekly Snapshot Email

In conjunction with our new designs we are introducing a new email for HelloWallet users.  The Weekly Account Snapshot comes out on Mondays and provides a quick update on budget progress, recent transactions and account balances so you’re ready to start the week in control of your finances.

  1. The budget chart tells you how much you have left to spend on your bills and regular expenses that month. 
  2. The recent transactions list shows the biggest transactions of the past week so you can review them all at once. 
  3. Account balances for day-to-day spending accounts – like credit card and checking accounts – let you know where you stand with available cash.

These three sections work together to give you a quick overview of your finances on Monday so you can hit the ground running with your week.  We hope you enjoy it.  As always, we’d love to hear feedback in the comments below or by email to support@hellowallet.com.