What do Running 200 Miles and Paying Off $2,000 of Debt Have in Common?

A few weeks ago, my co-workers, friends, and I completed the Ragnar Relay Washington DC, a 200-mile overnight running relay race that started in Cumberland, Maryland and ended at the waterfront at National Harbor near DC. Yes, that’s correct. TWO HUNDRED MILES. The distance was intimidating, the process was difficult, but crossing the finish line was the best feeling in the world!

The race was divided into 36 parts of varying degrees of difficulty. Many parts were torturous because of length, terrain, steepness, and time of day during which they were run. Other parts were easier, almost like jogs in the park. Overall though, running 200 miles is not easy.

What did we learn? First of all, you have to get started! Then you have to run for a little while. And sometimes it hurts. You realize, though, that you’ll never have to run those miles again. You attack the next few miles and after a while, you realize that you have more miles behind you than you have in front of you!  You get even more motivated, you’re used to the pain, and you keep pressing on. Before you know it, you’re running across the finish line with your hands in the air to the cheers of people all around you! High fives and hugs!

Maybe you’re faced with $2000 of debt and are intimidated by that just like we were by the 200 miles ahead of us. But, if you treat paying off your debt like running 200 miles, you can break it up into parts and pay it down one part at a time, knowing that each part won’t always be easy. First of all though, you just have to get started! Then you can make a payment or two. And sometimes it hurts. You have to muscle through a few more payments and after a while you’ll realize that you’ve paid off more than you have left! You get even more motivated and you keep pressing on. Sounds familiar, huh? 

You can do it and we’ll be there to give you a high five when you cross the finish line!