Why Buy When You Can Swap?

A Yankee phenomenon has come to our attention: swaps are proliferating across the country. While the swap is an old-fashioned concept, modern social media plays a big part in its recent incarnations, bringing together swappers from all over. Here are a few swaps that can save you money. If you try them, please share reviews!

Book swap: E-readers can cut your book budget significantly, but if you still crave the hard copy experience (and don’t have access to a good public library), consider swapping instead of buying. Online clubs connect you to the titles you want; you just have to pay postage for the books you send to other members. Tip: use Media Mail to send books, it’s cheaper!

Food swap: Cooking at home to save money on food is a no-brainer, but not everyone can cook every night. With swaps, you don’t have to. With neighborhood dinner swaps or more specialized swaps for everything from soups to homemade baby food, you can enjoy homemade meals every night in exchange for just a few hours of cooking.

Clothes swap: You can arrange a clothes swap with your friends, in which everyone brings a selection of clothes that are unwanted, but in good condition, to someone’s apartment, and participants shop the resulting bounty. Or you can take advantage of online swap organizers like swapstyle.com, which bring together swappers from all over the world, and swap-shop at your leisure.

Art swap: Neat, but unfortunately (for me), it’s for artists/designers only!