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Where does your money come from

Budgeting Basics: Sticking To Your Budget

Now that you’ve been working on your budget for the last 12 days, you may be starting to consider yourself a budgeter! That’s pretty exciting if you remember all of those statistics you learned about budgeters! However, by now you may also realize that being a budgeter requires commitment to your budget and that sometimes…

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Budgeting Basics: The Psychology of How You Spend

Where does your money come from

Humans are inherently intelligent creatures. We invented fire for goodness sake. But there are some instances where our brains just get in the way. When it comes to your finances, otherwise advantageous psychological quirks can really end up costing us. For years, marketers have learned to play into these quirks to get us to spend… Read more

Budgeting Basics: Where Should Your Money Go?

Where does your money come from

Okay, Let’s Recap… So far, you’ve determined where your money comes from, where your money actually goes, and where you need your money to go. You’ve almost finished creating your budget using HelloWallet and by now you are probably beginning to understand how to build out your budget successfully. The final question for creating your… Read more

Budgeting Basics: Where Does Your Money Go?

Where does your money come from

Do You Really Know Where Your Paycheck Goes? Yesterday you uncovered the earn part of spending less than you earn, so today you’ll turn your attention to the spending portion. Before you send your money off on a mission (stay tuned for tomorrow’s post), you will need to understand your current spending. You may have… Read more