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Psychology of Spending

Budgeting Basics: The Psychology of How You Spend

It’s all about strategy. During this series, you’ve hopefully come to see budgeting in a whole new light. Instead of focusing on income and expenses, you now see that a budget is really a way to plan and track how to use your personal resources to meet your unique needs. Utilize additional resources. When you…

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Budgeting Basics: Meet Your Needs

What are your needs? Yesterday you learned why thinking of the money you earn in terms of your assets more accurately describes the sources of your income. Today, you’ll focus on a new way to think about your spending. You might typically think of the things you spend money on as your expenses, but like… Read more

Budgeting Basics: Find Your Resources

Psychology of Spending

It’s All In Your Head Knowing how much money is deposited into your bank account each month is the first step to creating your budget. Most people see the money they’ve earned from a job or a sale as their income. But the word “income” connotes movement; spending rather than saving. It suggests money is… Read more

The ABCs of HelloWallet


Today, 9 out of 10 U.S. households pursue some type of financial planning. With so many variables to consider when assessing finances, a sense of economic insecurity is understandable. But it doesn’t have to be this way. HelloWallet provides step-by-step guidance and unique budgeting tools to help tackle these challenges and build a path towards… Read more