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A Millennial’s Guide To Planning For Retirement


 When you graduate and start your first job, you’re probably thinking more about what to do with your first paycheck than your retirement in 40 years. There are more immediate priorities in your life, like paying off loans or buying a car. The truth is that there is no better time to start focusing on… Read more

A Millennial’s Guide To Planning Your Financial Goals


According to studies, we’re the largest generation in history, but we also have the most debt. Most of us (53%) worry about our financial future daily, which is “significantly more” than our parents’ generation. We’re often painted as the generation with shorter attention spans and fewer worries about stability, and our parents may worry that… Read more

8 Ways to Pay Off Your Student Loans Faster

how to pay off student loans faster

Question: I’m a recent college graduate who would like to start saving for retirement, but right now my college-loan payments take up a big chunk of my paycheck. Any ideas about how I can pay them off faster? Answer: Trying to pay off loans from the past in order to begin saving for the future… Read more