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Debt Finish Line

Paying Off Debt – How and Why

Many HelloWallet users tell us that they want help paying down their debt. There are some good reasons to pay off debt faster than your current or minimum payments, and a few considerations as you determine which debt to pay down first. Paying off debt faster can save you big money. Every extra dollar you…

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How You Spend Depends on Who You Know

We’ve all felt the urge to have what others have: to get a nice car, or house, or clothes (i.e., to “Keep Up With the Joneses”). The problem is, the Joneses are broke. And we will be too if we try to buy all of their nice things.  If we’re clever, however, we can use… Read more

What’s New With HelloWallet? November 2014

Buy or rent calculator research

House Of Cards? This month we released new research that talks about the reality of homeownership today in the US. If you’ve been wondering whether to rent or buy, you should check out the infographic and read our latest report to make sure you have the right information first. Read ‘House of Cards’. Protect Your… Read more

Take Control Of Your Spending This Holiday Season

retailer spending tricks save money

Ah, the holidays. Imagine yourself on a stroll through the mall on a chilly, mid-December Saturday. The twinkling displays, Bing Crosby singing carols, the scent of vanilla and cinnamon in the air… Is it really the most wonderful time of the year, or are retailers just messing with your mind? To keep the charm in… Read more