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6 Fees To Be Aware of With Free Checking Accounts

The best way to get a free checking account or savings account with no strings attached is to have a lot of money to deposit in those accounts. While that may not be realistic for you, this post will teach you how bank accounts work so you can be a smart consumer. If you keep…

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October Webinar: Budgeting Master Class


Join HelloWallet’s Community Manager on Tuesday, October 28th at 3:30pm EDT for October’s Budgeting Master Class. Learn to use the tools in HelloWallet to build and stick with your best budget ever. We’ll show you how to answer four important questions about your money to help you understand your financial habits and make better choices to… Read more

3 Facts To Know Before Deciding on a 401k Rollover

When I started at HelloWallet a few months ago, I needed to think about what to do with my retirement account from my old employer. After a few Internet searches, I was bombarded with 401k rollover offers from many IRA providers. In fact, these IRA providers pay Google up to $27 per click for my… Read more

What Banks Pay To Answer Our Financial Questions

We humans are pretty poor at sizing up opportunities and weighing their costs, according to economists, behavioral scientists, historians, and pretty much everyone. We don’t know what we don’t know, and sometimes what we think we know is just plain wrong. Even worse, the sources we turn to when we are making a financial decision… Read more

What’s New With HelloWallet? September 2014

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Wait, what’s different? This month welcomed a few new updates to your Retirement Guidance. We can now keep track of your 401k loans, and you can now indicate a flat dollar amount as your employer’s contribution to your retirement account. We have a lot in store for you guys in the coming months, so hold tight… Read more