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Become a Cash Flow Pro With Payment Tracker

We know you’ve heard the phrase “cash flow,” which might be accompanied by the word “problems.” Our research finds that understanding one’s personal cash flow is an important step in achieving financial success. That’s why we developed a new feature called Payment Tracker to help you eliminate those cash flow “problems” and help you grow…

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21 Ways to Save During the Holidays

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Shopping, gift-giving, and eating are three activities essential to the holiday season for many of us. But, these activities can come at a high price. Here are some tips from our team to ease the financial burden of the holiday season. Enjoy yourself while you shop, give, and eat this year! Here are some ways… Read more

Holiday Shopping: Retailer Tricks to Avoid

retailer spending tricks save money

Ah, the holidays. Imagine yourself on a stroll through the mall on a chilly, mid-December Saturday. The twinkling displays, Bing Crosby singing carols, the scent of vanilla and cinnamon in the air… Is it really the most wonderful time of the year, or are retailers just messing with your mind? To keep the charm in… Read more