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NYT: The recession may actually be helping some Americans improve their health.

The recession’s silver lining is welcome news. On the other hand, this silver lining only applies to those who had any spending to cut in the first place. People who were poor or borderline poor before the recession now have even less leeway to change their shopping habits. Being frugal implies you are making a choice. Being poor is something…

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America’s Financial Capability Gap

Suppose you put $100 in a savings account with an annual interest rate of 2%. After five years, how much would you have in the account? More than $102 Exactly $102 Less than $102 This question requires only a basic understanding of the concept of interest. Yet only 61% of Americans selected the right answer… Read more

Smart Banking Helped Me Do Well. Can Smart Banks Help Me Do Good?

Try to think of an exemplary American philanthropist, and Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, and other superrich individuals may leap to mind. While charitable donations come from people of all backgrounds, philanthropy is a term associated with the very wealthy (and drinking, if you went to a Greek school). Perhaps this is the reason many banks’… Read more

DC Street Brigade

We ventured outside of our downtown DC office to talk to the lunchtime denizens of Farragut Square about their money habits, financial fears, and summer savings goals. We heard about peanut butter sandwiches, upcoming weddings, Bonnaroo, and Community Manager Grant’s peculiar bed-buying habits. Thanks to all who took a little time out of their day… Read more


Welcome to our blog. We’re building HelloWallet to address a major gap in the financial services market: simple, friendly expertise to help consumers make sense of it all. Financial products of all types—from basic checking and savings accounts to retirement accounts and stock market investments—have grown more and more complex over the years, leaving many… Read more