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New cash flow forecast and budgeting features

We released several new features over the weekend, which we couldn’t have built without your great feedback. Here’s what’s new: • Cash Flow Forecast – Ever wonder how much money you will have at the end of the month?  You can now view all of your monthly expenses on one page, from your credit card… Read more

Good news! Happiness might be cheaper than we thought.

You’ve probably seen the New York Times article “But Will It Make You Happy?” by now. It touches on quite a few blog-worthy subjects, but the gist is that Americans are beginning to focus more on the relationship between money and happiness. It’s one of a growing number of articles, blogs, papers, websites and other… Read more

End of the road for overdrafts?

In college, I once bought a $3 toothbrush from a corner store. Two days later, I realized this little marvel of hygienic equipment cost me $38. If I’m paying that much money for a toothbrush, it better clean my teeth with gold bristles. This toothbrush unfortunately didn’t, but it did leave a sour taste in… Read more

Buckle your financial seat belt

Some of the big risks may be beyond our control, but we at least attempt to manage risk in our everyday lives.  We sanitize our hands, slather on sunscreen and wear seat belts in our attempts to minimize risks.  But we don’t always do the same for financial risks.  Maybe the thought of managing that… Read more