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Fringe Banking: Going the Way of the Dinosaurs?

In last week’s Huffington Post entry, Matt argues that the fringe banking industry is slowly on its way to extinction, largely due to tighter state and federal regulations and increased competition from conventional banks. There are three arguments in particular that strengthen this claim, but first—a primer. What is fringe banking? Many Americans borrow from…

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Dining Out on the Cheap

Delicious food just tastes better when it costs less. I have no research to back this up, but it is unequivocally true. Have you ever had the same quality entrée at two differently priced restaurants? Which one would you go back to? Photo by haraldwalker Whether you’re on a budget or not, you can eat… Read more

Four Steps to a Free Honeymoon

People may try to convince you that a gravy bowl holder is a must-have. But do you really use gravy enough to necessitate a bowl, let alone its holder? More and more couples are deciding to live together before marriage, which means that they most likely already have all the household basics they would otherwise… Read more

New to-do list and savings features

We released several new features this morning, which we couldn’t have built without our members’ great feedback. Here’s what’s new: • To-Do List – We’ve added a to-do list to the Dashboard to help you keep track of upcoming bills, goals progress, new savings ideas, and other good stuff. Add your own items and receive… Read more

Less Oil, More Savings

Amid the tearing of hair, the gnashing of teeth, and the passing of blame accompanying the BP oil spill, a more pragmatic question occasionally emerges: Will news of unprecedented death and destruction in the Gulf provoke Americans to finally reevaluate our dependence on oil? Maybe, but if environmental (or national security, or health) concerns were… Read more