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Financial GPS for the Recent College Graduate

So you’ve just graduated from college and are about to embark on the next stage in your life. Now that the celebrations are over, there are probably a number of mixed emotions and apprehensions about what the future holds. The number of stressful decisions can be overwhelming, with financial stress probably somewhere near the top…

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All Smiles in Broad Creek, VA

We had a great launch session yesterday in Norfolk, VA with residents of the Community Builders’ (TCB) Broad Creek community. TCB, one of HelloWallet’s close community partners, is a nonprofit in the business of building low- and mixed-income housing to sustain strong communities. HelloWallet and TCB are collaborating to provide financial guidance and distribute free… Read more

“What’s happened over the past 60 years is somewhat akin to lending someone a car without first giving them a driving lesson…

…They’ll get down the road and feel the wind in their hair, but eventually most people will get into an accident.” Every year, U.S. consumers unnecessarily spend hundreds of billions of dollars on bank fees and missed savings opportunities. In a piece for the Huffington Post, Matt explains why consumer finance policy can’t stop money… Read more

On the Brink of Innovation for Mobile Banking

Consumers are growing increasingly dependent on mobile phones to digest information and conduct their day-to-day business. It seems natural that banks have picked up on this pattern of consumption and invested in mobile banking. Over the last three years, we’ve seen a steady rise in the number of banks offering mobile services to their customers…. Read more

The Roth IRA Conversion

The rules have changed in the retirement arena, specifically concerning the Roth IRA.  As of this year, the $100,000 income restriction has been lifted, so any amount of money can now be converted from a traditional individual retirement account to a Roth IRA. The conversion may make sense for some individuals but could be very… Read more