HelloWallet October Product Update

Hello, Guidance tabs! In our October product update we have fine-tuned the newest elements of the Score page, introduced new tabs to the Guidance page to break up Savings & Debt, Retirement, and Spending Guidance. Other new features and updates include:

  • Updated Beta Retirement Guidance Last month we released our Beta Retirement Guidance to help you better plan for retirement. Retirement Guidance will now be found on it’s own tab in the Guidance Section of our web app, and you will be able to further customize some of our assumptions on the Plan tab to find the ideal retirement contribution for you.
  • Add & Edit Accounts on iOS iPhone users rejoice! This feature was made available to Android users last month, and now you too will be able add and edit your accounts directly from your smartphone! 

Watch the video or log in and check out these new features and updates for yourself! Everything in this product update comes from your suggestions, so if you have something you’d love to see, leave it in the comments below, or email support@hellowallet.com to let us know!