The Ladder

Employees Are Struggling to Reach Financial Wellness

We have arrived at a perfect storm of flat wages and consumerized benefits in a spend economy. The result: an enormous amount of financial stress on employees.

The 5 Elements of Financial Wellness

  • Spending

    Spend Less than You Earn 60% of Americans spend more than they earn each month.
  • Emergencies

    Save for Emergencies 81% of Americans have insufficient emergency savings (3 months of income in a liquid account).
  • Guidance

    Plan for the Future 75% of Americans lack access to independent financial guidance.
  • Benefits

    Maximize Your Benefits 25% of households using a DC plan have withdrawn balances for non-retirement spending.
  • Investments

    Prepare for Retirement Most Americans have incorrect asset allocations in their retirement accounts for their age.

Employees Lack a Financial Foundation

Employees lack a foundational understanding of financial management to achieve their primary goals, leaving their secondary goals out of reach.

HelloWallet Can Help!

We help employees climb the ladder to financial wellness one step at a time through innovative software solutions, allowing them to make progress without feeling helpless or overwhelmed.

Spend Less Than You Earn

HelloWallet helps employees avoid complicated budgeting in order to build a simple spending plan that works for them, enabling a habit of spending less than they earn.

HelloWallet has given our family a secret weapon: A Zero-Based Budget. Now at the start of every month WE choose where every single dollar is going to.”
Jeremy & Toni — HelloWallet Members

Save for Emergencies

Saving for the unexpected is often under-valued when considering paycheck allocations. HelloWallet encourages members to make this a priority when planning for the future.

By educating myself on how I was spending, I have been able to save a much higher percentage of my income, building up my emergency fund and being much more comfortable financially.”
Nicholas — HelloWallet Member at University of Denver

Long-Term Guidance

HelloWallet helps employees pay down their debt through a guided, step-by-step approach, acknowledging and rewarding the small accomplishments along the way.

The really cool part about having started to use HelloWallet was the exercise of completing the Guidance steps, even when they were difficult to plan for/achieve. Now that I'm there and my Score is way up there, I feel more in control of my financial future than ever.”
Matt — HelloWallet Member at MMC

Good Benefits Decisions

The world of healthcare and insurance is complicated and overwhelming for many employees. HelloWallet gives high level recommendations on coverage types and amounts.

HelloWallet helps me track how much is taken out of my paycheck for health insurance and retirement and encourages me to save for the future.”
Emily — HelloWallet Member at Rice University

Prepare for Retirement

Retirement can seem far away for many employees. HelloWallet helps people understand the importance of starting early and projects how much they can expect to have when they reach retirement.

I feel comfortable knowing what my retirement may look like with the projections and guidance provided by HelloWallet insights.”
Alexander — HelloWallet Member

With HelloWallet, your employees can focus on their lives, their work, and their families, without financial stress.