60 Seconds With HelloWallet: Arielle

hellowallet arielle community manager

What do you do at HelloWallet?
I am a Community Manager here at HelloWallet, and I work with our customers to make sure HelloWallet is delivered and used by as many employees as possible. My goal is making sure that HelloWallet is significantly impacting a worker’s financial life. It is extremely rewarding knowing that we are truly making a difference in helping employees make the most of their paychecks and building a more prosperous future.

Biggest impact from HelloWallet?
Before HelloWallet, I barely knew how much I was spending on groceries each month. HelloWallet has not only taught me how to budget but it has helped me understand how all of the different components that make up my financial health work together. Whether it’s saving for retirement, making sure I have enough money set aside for emergencies, or making sure I have the right insurance coverage, HelloWallet is here to help me make the right choices.

What is your HelloWallet pro-tip?
Take the time to fully set up your account! I know it can be a little time consuming to link all of your accounts and enter all your household information but the more financial detail you provide, the more relevant our recommendations will be.

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