Learn To Earn: 34 Ways To Find Free Money

Whether you’re working to build your emergency fund, save for retirement, or stick to your budget, it’s always nice to find free money to put towards your goals. We certainly don’t expect that you’ll reach all of your financial goals with the change left in your winter coat, but these ideas can help you think outside the box about your finances. Maybe there’s a new way that you can make or save more money that will play a part in helping you get ahead. Every little bit counts.

Here are 34 ways that HelloWallet employees have found free money:

5_ couch free money

  1. Take advantage of an employer contribution to your 401(k). Use HelloWallet’s Retirement Guidance to see how your employer’s match policy can affect your retirement savings.
  2. Consign old clothing.
  3. Have a yard sale.
  4. Enter a raffle.
  5. Open a savings account that offers interest returns.
  6. Earn wellness credits or incentives that may be offered by your employer.
  7. Take advantage of any available tuition or educational stipends.
  8. Find and claim your savings bonds (1974 or later) that have stopped earning interest through the Dept. of Treasury’s “Treasury Hunt” here.
  9. Apply for a scholarship. See if you or a family member qualifies here.
  10. Earn gas points from your grocery store.
  11. Use coupons.
  12. Take advantage of your credit card rewards program.
  13. Negotiate your salary.
  14. Sell old CDs, books, or movies.
  15. Recycle cans.
  16. Get a roommate to save on housing expenses.
  17. Take online surveys.
  18. Recycle your old cell phones.
  19. Use your expertise and become a tutor or consultant.
  20. Find your unclaimed property through the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators at Unclaimed.org.
  21. Sign up to be a secret shopper.
  22. Rent out your parking space.
  23. Sign up for a focus group.
  24. Do freelance work.
  25. Take advantage of rebates.
  26. Feeling crafty? Sell some crafts online.
  27. Rent out an extra bedroom.
  28. Rent out household items, like your car or tools.
  29. Become a rideshare driver.
  30. Evaluate all of your automatically renewed subscriptions and cancel the ones you don’t need anymore.
  31. Skip coffee one day a week and transfer the money into a savings account.
  32. Don’t be afraid to express grievances or praise to a merchant based on your experiences/purchase. Often times you’ll get free money or rewards in return!
  33. Birthday coming up? Find free rewards for your birthday.
  34. Find your unclaimed money from the government easily. Lots of people have money that belongs to them that they don’t know about. It can be from a forgotten bank account, IRA, or any other number of things. Legally, institutions can’t keep funds that don’t belong to them, so they eventually turn them over to the state treasury.

Choose one of these ways to find free money and share which one you chose in the comments, or add your own!