HelloWallet November Product Update

Calling all Mint users! For our November product update, we’ve continued to focus on two big areas, Retirement Guidance and our mobile apps, and we’ve rolled out a huge new feature, transaction import. Read on for more details:

  • Import transactions from HelloWallet & Mint We debuted transaction export this summer, and now you’ll finally be able to import your transactions from Mint as well as previously exported transactions from HelloWallet. Longtime Mint users can now easily make the switch to HelloWallet, and you will be able to easily back up your transaction data from our app.
  • Manage alerts from iPhone or Android More and more of our members rely on our mobile apps to manage their HelloWallet accounts, so we’ve expanded additional functionality to allow members to manage their email and text alerts from HelloWallet directly from their mobile apps.
  • Projected income in Retirement Guidance To better help you plan for retirement, we’ve included a new projected income view in the “plan” tab of our Retirement Guidance. This will allow you to visualize your projected monthly income in retirement compared with what you earn today, based on your current retirement contributions and savings.

Watch the video or log in and check out these new features and updates for yourself! Everything in this product update comes from your suggestions, so if you have something you’d love to see, leave it in the comments below, or email support@hellowallet.com to let us know!